Best Flash / No Download Poker Sites

No Download Poker RoomsYou will find no download versions of real money poker sites at almost any site today. This was not the case a few years ago. In fact, it took many player requests for no download versions of the software before poker sites began developing this software. It was very expensive to create separate software, but it has been well worth it for poker sites in the end.

We have reviewed the instant / no download versions of software that is being offered by poker rooms. We have picked the best sites to play instantly. These sites have created excellent software for instantly play that is seemingly identical to the download versions. The sites listed on this page are the best options when it comes to playing online poker in the US via no download software.

Why is No Download Poker Software Needed?

Most US poker sites today offer no download versions of their software. Flash based no download software is the most popular. Many poker players have to use no download versions of the poker software because they are Linux or Mac users.

A lot of Windows users also choose to use no download versions of poker software. The software is almost identical to the downloadable versions, and it allows players to begin playing immediately without having to go through the download process.

Another very popular reason that players choose no download versions of poker software is because of bandwidth limits. Poker site downloads can be very large and use a lot of bandwidth. Many people have a limit of the amount of bandwidth that they are allowed to use throughout the month. If they go over this bandwidth limit then they are charged hefty fees. The ability to play poker without having to download the software is a great option for these players.

Can I Safely Play at a No Download Poker Site?

The no download versions of the software are just as safe as the downloadable versions. The poker rooms take the same precautions when it comes to Flash based software. All of your transactions are encrypted to ensure that a third party can never gain access to any of your banking information or your personal information.

All of the poker sites that we represent are licensed and regulated sites. Audits are regularly conducted to ensure the fairness of the games. Playing online poker games at any of these sites is just as safe as playing at a land based poker room.

Can US Players Play No Download Poker?

Players from the USA can absolutely play at a no download version of the poker software. In fact, US players are welcome at any of the site listed on this page. Linux users, Macintosh users, and players that choose not to download the software will all enjoy the no download version of the software.