US Poker Sites Accepting Western Union

Western Union Poker RoomsWestern Union is a good deposit option for players that either do not have a credit card, or their credit card has been declined at the poker site. Western Union is a widely accepted payment option around the world.

Western Union has quickly become a favorite banking method for players in the United States. The UIGEA placed so many restrictions on banks that many credit cards are declined. Unfortunately, there are only a few poker sites that accept Western Union. We have sought out the best poker sites that are accepting Western Union.

Which Poker Sites Accept Western Union?

Many poker sites accept Western Union as a deposit method, but only a handful of these sites accept players from the US. Players outside of the US have many options when it comes to funding poker accounts, and I am sure that Western Union is not on the top of the list because of the fees involved.

Western Union is best known as a money transfer service. Using this process you’ll hand your money to a teller at a Western Union branch, along with some details about who the money is being sent to, and Western Union will ship the funds to that person. It’s sort of like a bank transfer.

However, unlike a bank transfer, there is no paper trail; no way for your bank, friends or family to know where you’re sending your money to. So, if you use Western Union you can keep everything related to your poker playing to yourself. This also prevents any potential issues with your bank, such as your account being closed.

One of the best parts about Western Union is that they’re a large company that’s been around for more than 150 years. You don’t have to be worried about being scammed by them. Your only worry is who you’re sending your money too.

However, with our help you won’t even need to worry about that. That’s because, below, you’ll find the top American poker sites that accept Western Union for payment. So choose a poker site that looks good, click the link and get started today. Further down the page I cover some of the basics to using Western Union, as well as some details about who they are as a company.

Western Union FAQs

We receive a lot of questions about making deposits online, especially for Americans. We thought it would be helpful to post all the questions we get, and our answers, regarding Western Union below. That way everyone can benefit.

How do I make a deposit with Western Union?

Depositing with Western Union is simple enough. There’s just a few steps that you need to take.

The first thing you’ll need to do is contact support at the poker site you wish to make a deposit to. They’re going to give you information that you’ll need to complete the transaction. This includes things like:

  • Name of receiver
  • Address of receiver
  • Phone number

Each room will be different, so be sure to ask and write down the details. Double and triple check them.

You’ll then take this information to your local Western Union office. You can also make the transfer online.

Using this information you’ll fill out a transfer card. Then you’ll hand that information, your ID, the money you wish to transfer (cash) and additional money for the fee to the teller. They’ll then process the transfer.

You’ll be given a MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) which you’ll need to give to the poker room so that they can verify your payment. Some rooms might ask for additional information, such as your account name, where you’re from, how much you sent, etc, which are all things they use to verify and ensure that the money is coming from you.

Can I use Western Union for withdrawals?

Yes. Expect the process to be similar to making a deposit, only in reverse. You’ll need to provide the poker site with your details. When you visit your local WU branch you’ll need to provide them with ID before you can collect your funds.

How fast can I expect my funds to be available?

That depends on the option you use at Western Union. They have a service called Money in Minutes and Next Day Service. So within 24 hours.

Are there fees?

Yes. You should expect fees to be between $10 and $75, although this greatly depends on where you’re sending the money to.

Before you send the money, though, you should contact the poker room to see if they’d be willing to cover the fees. Many rooms do this, and list it on their site. The only requirement is that you make a minimum deposit. This is usually in the area of $300-$500.

Is Western Union safe?

Yes. That’s assuming you send the money to a legitimate poker room. If you send your money to a scam poker site, it doesn’t really matter what service you use.

Fortunately, though, no matter where you send the money to, the poker site will only get what you sent. They won’t have access to your banking details, nor will internet scammers and hackers that make their living stealing identities. That’s another benefit to Western Union.

Furthermore, your bank won’t know where your money is going, which keeps your bank account safe.

What other choices do I have?

There are a couple of other options American players can use if Western Union isn’t a good fit:

  • Credit / Debit Cards – These deposit money directly from your account. The funds clear instantly. However, they cannot accept withdrawals.
  • Echecks – This is another option that deposits directly from your account. These are virtual versions of paper checks.

Western Union History & Company Information

Believe it or not, Western Union was first known as a telegram services company. That’s the service they offered when they first got started in 1851. They were known as an industrialized monopoly, because they were the first to offer telegram services, and along the way they acquired a number of competitors. They bought out more than 500 of them.

Because of their reach with their telegraph service network, they added their money transfer service in 1871. The two services went hand-in-hand.

Over the years the telephone slowly replaced the need for telegrams. So money transfers became the primary focus/earner for Western Union. In 2006 Western Union discontinued their telegram services.

They still continued to be aggressive with their acquisitions, though. They acquired Custom House in 2009 for $370 million, Angelo Costa for $200 million in Jan. 2011, Travelex for 606 million ponds in July 2011 and in October 2011, they purchases Finint S.r.l. All of these acquisitions expanded their money transferring empire in one way or another, namely to new locations all over the world.

Today, Western Union’s primary business revolves around transferring funds. They also offer bill pay services and prepaid cards.

Western Union Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Western Union.

==> Western Union reported that their 4th quarter net income was $237.9 million. This comes out to $.40 per share. This was down from $452.3 million, or $.73 per share, from the 4th quarter in 2011. That’s a 47% drop. [1]

==> Western Union is the payment of choice by many email scammers. These scams will tell you that you’ve inherited millions of dollars from some long lost aunt or cousin that was apparently king. You’ll be sent a check for more than the amount you supposedly inherited, and then asked to wire the difference back. The saying here is true; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

==> Western Union’s slogan is, The Fastest Way To Send Money Worldwide

==> Western Union has seen a large drop in their stocks from the beginning of 2009 to 2013. In the beginning of 2009 each share was about 28.00. In 2013 it’s 17.50.

==> Western Union was a contender (#7) in a poll for Most Admired Companies on an industry-by-industry basis in 2012. This was not under the general list, but under the consumer credit card category.