Moneygram USA Poker Sites

Poker Sites Accepting MoneygramMoneyGram is a payment processor that is very similar to Western Union. You can initiate a MoneyGram deposit by visiting any of the MoneyGram locations around the world. MoneyGram fees are much cheaper than Western Union fees so if the site has a choice between the two, MoneyGram will be your best option.

MoneyGram is a widely accepted deposit method at almost all online and mobile poker sites. This is a very easy and safe way to fund your poker account, and you can also withdraw your winnings back to MoneyGram very quickly. If you are having trouble depositing with your credit card, or if you just don’t want to give a poker site your credit card information then MoneyGram is a great option for you.

Which USA Poker Sites Accept MoneyGram?

As we mentioned earlier MoneyGram is accepted at almost all online and mobile poker sites. However, you should not play at a site just because it accepts MoneyGram. We have researched the sites that accept MoneyGram and handpicked the best sites available.

All of the sites that you find on this page are safe to play at. These site use encryption software to make sure that your information is never disclosed to a third party. We have special deals with these sites to give our players exclusive promotions and bonuses. Be sure to sign up at the site you would like to play at from this site so that you will receive the bonuses that we have secured for you.

Moneygram is primarily known as a money transfer company. What their company does is accept money from one person, either in their office or online, and transfer that money to another person or company for a nominal fee. Depending on the option the transferer chooses, the money is transferred within minutes to as long as a couple of days.

The benefits to using a Moneygram money transfer is that in the worse case scenario they're just as fast as a bank wire (but more often are faster), but the costs are much more reasonable. Additionally, you leave your bank out of the poker deposit process, which means that you won't have to deal with their pesky questions or denials.

Those are a couple of the upsides. A downside to Moneygram is that they're not as common as other American banking methods, like credit cards, echecks or even Western Union, a direct competitor of Moneygram. So if you're dead set on using Moneygram, just know that your options for where you can play is limited. You'll find these options -our top recommendations for American Moneygram poker sites- in a toplist below. Just choose a poker site and click the link to get started now.

If you'd like to learn more about Moneygram we have you covered there, too. Below you'll find some details about Moneygram as a company, as well as how to use them to fund your poker account.

Moneygram Poker Deposit FAQs

Depositing online can appear complicated, especially using a service with more moving parts like Moneygram. My goal with the following section is to answer the most common questions we get about using Moneygram to fund your online poker account. If you have general questions about online poker, see our FAQ guide here.

How do I make a deposit with Moneygram?

There are a couple of steps that you’ll need to take to make your deposit.

The first step will be to contact the poker site. They will give you their transfer details, which will include things like their name, address, phone number and so on. Basically information that will identify (and prove) whoever is picking it up.

You’ll then take this information to Moneygram – either their online website or to one of their brick and mortar locations. Either way, the process will be similar. You’ll fill out the details for the poker site, give the teller the money and additional funds for their fees. You’ll choose an option, either same day or economy service, and then the teller will process your transfer.

A rep at the poker site will pick up the funds, and then deposit them into your account.

Can I make withdrawals with Moneygram, too?

Yes. The process is the same, only in reverse. The poker site will need similar details from you. They’ll then send the money to your local Moneygram, where you’ll need to go to pick it up. Be sure to bring some form of ID with you.

How fast will my money be available?

Using the same day service your funds are shipped and available for pick up within minutes. From there, it just depends on how quick the poker site picks up and deposits your funds. The same if you’re accepting a withdrawal.

Using the economy service it can take up to 3 days for your money to be transferred.

Are there fees?

Yes. The fees will vary depending on where you’re sending the money to, and how much you’re sending. Moneygram has a calculator that you can use to estimate the cost before you go through with the transaction.

However, one thing that you can do is ask the poker site if they’d be willing to cover the costs. Many poker sites are, so long as you meet a minimum deposit requirement. This is usually in the neighborhood of $300.

Is Moneygram safe?

Moneygram is relatively safe, yes. That’s assuming you're sending your money to a legitimate poker site, and that you don’t fall for scams. In other words, Moneygram is just a tool. Use that tool wrong, and you’ll get hurt (in the wallet). So make sure you’ve done your homework before sending your money off.

That said, Moneygram was fined recently for not having a better handle on the fraud their customers were experiencing, despite allegedly knowing about it. So if that bothers you, I recommend using Western Union instead.

What other choices do I have?

There are a couple of other choices if Moneygram doesn’t work for you.

Western Union –- They provide the same service that Moneygram does.

Credit/Debit Cards - – If you have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express, you can use these to fund your account. It’s more convenient, faster and the funds will clear your account quicker. However, you can’t use them for withdrawals.

Echecks - – These are virtual versions of paper checks. The money will come straight out of your account like a debit card. You can use these for both deposits and withdrawals.

Moneygram History & Company Details

Moneygram got their start in 1940 when two companies merged. One being Travelers Express Co. Inc, who at the time was the largest processor of money orders. The second was Integrated Payment Systems Inc., a company in the international money transfer business. They were purchased in 2004 by Viad, and later renamed to MoneyGram International Inc.

Moneygram is the second largest money transfer business in the world. Their company offers two different services. The first, and arguably the most well-known, is their money transfer and bill payment service. They help consumers move money fast.

The second part of their business is in (financial) paper products. Moneygram is the second largest supplier of money orders. They also offer official checks.

As of lately most of what you hear and see about Moneygram is not very good. Between 2007-2009, their stocks dropped 96%. More than 1.6 billion was lost due to investments backed by the risky mortgages that plagued the US at the time. This forced them to accept a stake in their company for a combined 82% ownership. They were also in the news at the later part of 2012 when the DOJ fined them $100 million for not having the proper anti-fraud measures in place, not to mention they apparently knew they had fraudsters working for them, but let them continue to work (and scam) using their services.

Moneygram Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Moneygram.

==> In November 2012 Moneygram was fined $100 million for wire fraud. They admitted to criminally aiding and abetting wire fraud, as well as failing to have an anti-money laundering program in place. Moneygram’s mistake here was that they failed to terminate agents that they knew were involved in scams, like the ones you receive by email, from someone asking you to wire them money. [1]

==> Moneygram has more than 293,000 agent locations worldwide. This equals twice the number of McDonald’s, Walmart, Subway and Starbucks locations combined. [2]

==> Although not mentioned directly, the BBB created a list of the top 10 scams in 2011. On that list were check cashing scams, where people will send you a check, usually in exchange for an item or to hire you for a “mystery shopper” job. The check is too big, and the sender asks you to wire the difference back to them via Western Union or Moneygram. Unfortunately, this is a scam that still runs rampant today. [3]