US Poker Sites Accepting MasterCard

Mastercard Poker Sites & FAQWhen it comes to depositing funds into an online or mobile poker site, MasterCard is one of the easiest methods available. It is just like making any other purchase online. You simply enter your credit card details, and your funds are instantly in your account.

Unfortunately the success rate for deposits via MasterCard is not as high as Visa for players in the US. We feature sites that still have a very high acceptance rate for MasterCard. If your card is declined you must remember that it is not the poker sites fault. Many banks block transactions that are gaming related, and this is more than likely the reason that your card is being declined.

Which Poker Sites Accept MasterCard?

Almost all poker sites accept MasterCard for deposits, but this does not mean that your deposit will be successful. We have sought out the best sites for depositing using your MasterCard. These sites have a very high success rate even for players in the United States.

Mastercard Poker Sites for US Players

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  • 2 BOvada Poker Poker Software
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  • 3 BetOnline Poker Software
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You will not only be able to easily deposit at these sites using your MasterCard, but you will also receive a huge bonus when you sign up through our site. This means you will be able to easily deposit and begin playing your favorite real money poker games, and you will receive free money for doing it. Be sure to sign up through our site so that you don’t miss out on these bonuses.

Another deposit option American players can turn to is MasterCard. It’s among the trio of credit and debit card brands that’s accepted at online poker sites and casinos.

There are several benefits to using MasterCard to fund your account. For starters, processing times are quick, deposit limits are relatively high, it's easy to use and widely accepted online. Arguably, the biggest benefit is that it's a safe option. MasterCard protects their users against fraudulent spending.

Are there any downsides? The only two that come to mind include not being able to use MasterCard for withdrawals, and having to deal with the occasional decline. Declines happen because your bank is not supposed to process gambling related transactions.

But I think that those are minor inconveniences given the upsides, not to mention that Americans have few deposit options at their disposal as is. Even the negatives considered MasterCard, or any credit card, is by far your best option to fund your account.

So if that's good enough for you, and you're ready to start playing now, I recommend choosing a site from our list below. These are the sites we've found to be the best combination of poker, accepting Americans and MasterCard.

MasterCard Poker Sites & Deposoit FAQs

Making a deposit for the first time can be confusing, even if you’re using a method that you use every day, such as your MasterCard. So it’s no surprise that we receive tons of questions for how to use this to fund online poker accounts. We thought it would be helpful to post the most common questions that we get, and our answers, below for everyone to read.

How do I make a deposit with MasterCard?

You’ll be surprised at how easy depositing with your MasterCard will be. Funding your poker account will be darn near identical to making a purchase online at Walmart or Here are the steps that you need to take, with your credit card in hand.

  • Log-in to the poker site. Head to the cashier.
  • Choose MasterCard as your deposit option.
  • Enter your card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code (found on back of your card).
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Click submit.

That’s all there is to it.

Can I make a withdrawal to my MasterCard?

No. Not American players, at least. Even for international players MasterCard (and American Express) are not as accommodating for withdrawals as other brands of plastic are (cough -Visa- cough).

Are there fees?

Most poker sites will cover any deposit related fees. Most poker rooms don’t have a problem covering them since the processing fees are relatively small.

Keep in mind that your bank might be a different story. They might charge you a fee. So you’ll have to ask them about that. From my experience, though, you probably won’t have any.

How fast will my funds be available?

The benefit to using MasterCard is that your funds will be available instantly. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for the funds to clear my account, and that’s when I had to “wait.”

Is using MasterCard to fund my poker account safe?

Absolutely. Keep in mind that you always have risks when paying for things online.

However, one of the benefits to using your MasterCard is that you only have to enter your account information once, whereas with other options (like e-wallets), you have to enter your information there and then more information at the poker site. The benefit to entering your information once means fewer opportunities for hackers to stealer your information.

Furthermore, as a MasterCard holder you’ll undoubtedly have protection from your bank/issuer. So long as your account is in good standing, and it’s obvious it’s not fraud on your behalf, you won’t have to pay a dime if someone takes your card (number) and makes a purchase with it.

What other choices do I have?

Honestly, if you have the option to use a MasterCard (or any other form of plastic), I’d use it. The funds will clear much faster, they have high limits and few, if any, fees. Credit and debit cards are by far the best option for American poker players.

However, it is a good idea to have a backup. Not to mention that you may have your credit card declined. So here is what I feel are your next best options for funding your account.

  • Money Transfers – You’ll take cash or your MasterCard debit/credit card to a company, such as Moneygram or Western Union. Give them your money, the poker site’s information (which you’ll need to email them for) and a small fee for the service, and they’ll transfer the money for you. Your bank won’t be any the wiser. Often times you can get the fees covered by the poker site, too, so long as you deposit enough money.
  • Echecks – These are electronic versions of paper checks. The echecks deposit money straight from your account, too. However, they can take up to 7 days to clear. But other than that it’s another decent alternative to using your MasterCard.

Any option you use will have it’s ups and downs. So I recommend reading all of our deposit pages to find the right option for you.

MasterCard History & Company Details

MasterCard got their start in 1966, so they’ve been in business for 50 years. In the beginning they were known as Master Charge: The Interbank Card. In 1979 they rebranded to MasterCard and MasterCard Worldwide in 2006.

Over the years MasterCard has acquired and partnered with several companies to expand their reach. They worked with Eurocard to expand to the European markets. They also acquired DataCash, a UK processor, so that they could grow their e-commerce arm.

Today MasterCard issues several types of cards including a debit, credit and prepaid card. They also have PayPass, which is a touch and go service. Instead of swiping your card, you just tap your card on the reader. They started PayPass in 2003. [1]

MasterCard Facts

Here are some interesting facts about MasterCard.

==> MasterCard has a 10-15 percent market share, depending on whether you’re talking about their credit or debit card line. Combined it would be around 25 percent. Now compare this to American Express, which has a 15 percent market share (no debit cards). The funny thing? MasterCard has been in business for less than 50 years, 113 years less than American Express. Maybe someone ought to tell Amex to step it up? [2]

==> MasterCard is known for their “priceless” commercials. Their slogan is, There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

==> According to MasterCard’s statistics, Americans are the leaders in prepaid card usage. Prepaid consumers are valued at $105 billion. [3]

==> When combined with Visa, the two companies have nearly 74 million credit cards in circulation. However, only 29.2 million accounts are paid off every month. Nearly 1% are delinquent, not having made a payment in 90 days or more. [4]

==> MasterCard's stock price jumped drastically to 153% from 168 a share in late Q1 of 2009 to 425 due to mobile users trusting the company to make credit card purchases. [5]