eCheck / Instant Check Poker Sites

eCheck Poker Sites & FAQAmerican poker players can use all the banking options they can get their hands on. And the fewer steps that they need to take between getting the money from their bank to their poker account, and vice versa, the better.

One such option that fits that bill is the echeck. An echeck is what it sounds like – an electronic version of a paper check. It shares the few benefits that the paper check has, such as depositing money directly from your account, and being available for withdrawals, but with the added benefit of clearing much faster than its paper counterpart.

A downside to echecks is that they’re not as readily available as options like credit/debit cards or bank transfers. So you’ll either want to use them as a backup, or just realize that the sites you can play are limited to where echecks are available. The choice is yours.

Either way, American players can use them and that’s all that really matters. So if you’re ready to use echecks to fund your poker account, I recommend checking out the following poker sites. These are the best sites that accept both US players and echecks. Further below that I cover some important details about how to use echecks. So check that out if you’ve never used them before.

(Instant) eCheck Poker Site FAQs

We get a lot of questions from players about using echecks to fund poker accounts. We thought it would be most useful to post those questions and our answers here for everyone to read.

How do I make a deposit using echecks?

Making a deposit using an echeck is very similar to writing a paper check. In fact, when you deposit an echeck you’ll want to have your checkbook handy. That’s because you’ll need the following information:

  • Serial number
  • Branch transit number
  • Institution ID
  • Account Number

The exact information you need will depend on your bank and the poker site.

But all that you need to do is log-in to the poker site, choose (instant) echeck as the option and enter the details they ask for. Then enter how much you want to deposit and click submit. The process should only take a few minutes to complete.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to void the check that you use to enter the information, since you’re basically giving them an electronic version of it.

Can I use echecks for withdrawals?

Yes. The process is pretty much the opposite. I recommend having your checkbook on hand so that you can fill in the information required.

Are there fees?

Most poker sites won’t charge you any fees, at least from my experience. Your bank, on the other hand, is a different story. Since you’re essentially writing a check I wouldn’t imagine that you’d have to pay fees. However, I recommend asking your bank to be sure.

Are echecks safe?

Yeah. Keep in mind that there’s a risk whenever you’re paying for something online (or offline, for that matter). But I’d argue that an electronic check is safer and more secure than a paper check since you eliminate the process of sending the paper check in the mail. It’s done electronically, using coded/encrypted technology. Basically the same thing banks use. The poker sites will ask for your ID, too, which increases the security and decreases the chances of fraud.

Keep in mind that in terms of ‘safety,’ you still have the risk of making payments from your bank to an online poker site, and your bank finding out. Some banks will merely decline the payment, while others can go as far as to shut your account down. So you’ll want to weigh the risks. You might even consider opening a new bank account that’s designated for gambling online.

What other choices do I have?

Echecks wouldn’t be my first choice for funding my poker account. The reason being is that they’re relatively slow when compared to other methods. You also have less protection from your bank compared to other methods.

So what do I recommend?

  • Credit/Debit Cards – I recommend going the Visa, MasterCard or American Express route. In most cases you’re doing the same thing as an echeck – making a deposit directly from your bank – but your funds will clear faster, allowing you to play and withdraw your money instantly. You also have the same risks regarding being declined or your bank being shut down. The downside to using plastic is that Americans cannot use them for withdrawals. But you can always do an echeck or paper check for that.

If you want to avoid using your bank altogether, which can be beneficial in terms of not worrying about your account being terminated or your deposit declined, I recommend going with a money transfer service like Moneygram or Western Union.

eCheck Facts

Here are some interesting facts about echecks.

==> There are many poker sites that clear echecks instantly, even though they take up to 7 days to clear. What they do is float the cash to you to play with. That way you don’t have to wait. However, in doing so you won’t be able to withdraw any of those funds until your money clears. The only money you can withdraw is any excess you had in your account in addition to that deposit.

==> Echeck coversion grew by 30% in 2007. More than 3.1 billion paper checks were converted to electronic form through in-store transactions. [1]

==> Echecks save businesses/consumers 60% in processing fees, due to echecks requiring less manpower and paper. [1]

==> Merchants that add echecks see an average increase of 3-8% in sales. [2]

==> 9% of online sales come from the use of echecks. [2]