American Express Poker Sites & Online Casinos

Amex Poker Sites & FAQAmerican Express is a widely popular credit card due to the various options consumers have. Most American Express cards come with an unlimited credit line which is a huge attraction for personal customers and businesses alike. There is nothing more embarrassing than have a credit card decline while making a purchase. This is not a problem for American Express card holders.

American Express is an easy and safe way to fund your poker account. Unfortunately, very few sites accept American Express cards. We are aware that many people use American Express as their credit card of choice. This is why we have developed this page so that our players will easily be able to find trusted poker sites that accept American Express.

Which Poker Sites Accept American Express?

As we mentioned earlier, there are very few poker sites that accept American Express cards. The reason for this is that American Express does not allow gaming related charges. They chose to stop these charges after the UIGEA ruling. Of course, there are still a handful of sites that have found a way around this inconvenience.

We have researched all sites accepting American Express cards and picked out the best sites for you. Just because a site accepts American Express does not mean it is a reputable site to play at. You can rest assured that the sites that we promote are trusted sites, and use the best encryption software available to protect your banking transactions and personal information.

Lists The Best Online Poker / Casinos Accepting American Express Deposits

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One of the best banking methods you can use to fund your poker account is a credit or debit card. There are several benefits in doing so. For one thing, using plastic is easy. Punch a few numbers in, click submit and you’re done. Your deposits also clear faster, usually within minutes, so you’re not waiting for hours or days to play. Credit cards tend to have higher deposit limits, too.

But the biggest benefit of all? That Americans can use them.

However, there are a couple of downsides, specifically regarding American Express. American Express isn’t available at nearly as many casinos as other credit card companies. You can’t use them for withdrawals either, and American players may have to deal with questions from their nosey and pesky banks.

But given how convenient and safe they are to use, I would definitely recommend using American Express if possible. That’s in despite of the (minor) downsides.

So with that in mind, what you’ll find below are the top Amex poker sites for Americans. Just take your pick to get started. Alternatively, you can read on below to learn more about using Amex and who’s behind their company.

American Express Poker FAQs

We receive a lot of questions about using American Express for making deposits online. Things like how to make deposits, what fees you’ll have to pay and if it’s truly the best banking option. I thought I’d answer those questions for you now. We also have a general FAQ page which outlines some of the most commonly asked questions relating to online poker.

How do I make a deposit with American Express?

Making a deposit with American Express couldn’t be any easier. Seriously. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Grab your credit card.
  • Log in to the poker site.
  • Click cashier. Click American Express.
  • Enter your card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code (on the back).
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Enter a bonus code, if you have one.
  • Click submit.

Deposits using American Express, or any brand credit or debit card, is by far the easiest and fastest method for making a deposit. The process should take you 5-10 minutes tops.

Can I use American Express for withdrawals?

Unfortunately, no, American Express cannot be used for withdrawals. In fact, most credit cards are not available options for Americans to withdraw their funds with.

Are there fees?

In most cases there shouldn’t be. From my experience poker sites don’t charge you to make a deposit with your credit/debit card, nor do your banks. And you can’t use it to make a withdrawal, so there’s no worry about fees there.

Is American Express safe?

Yeah, as safe as a credit card can be. The benefit to using American Express is that your inputting your information to the poker site once. So there’s not very many opportunities for a hacker to get access to your information, so long as the poker site uses bank-grade firewall and encryption technology.

American Express also has consumer and fraud protection. So you won’t be expected to cover more than $50 in losses if your card is stolen, and if you buy something damaged, they’ll protect you there, too.

How fast will my money be available?

Deposits with credit cards are (usually) available instantly. I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of minutes for my funds to be available.

What other choices do I have?

American Express isn’t available in as many poker sites as Visa is, or MasterCard for that matter. Not only that but you run the risk of being turned down by your bank (although that’s not –that- common). So you might be wondering what other options you have in case something like that happens to you. Here’s what you can do.

  • Visa / MasterCard – You might consider trying a different brand credit or debit card.
  • Money Transfer – Instead of paying directly to the poker site, you can pay a service like Western Union or Moneygram to transfer the funds for you. However, their availability is on par with American Express, and there will be fees.

These options will be available instantly, too, within a day or two, max. Money transfers can sometimes be used for withdrawals, too, without having to include your bank in the process.

American Express History and Company Information

American Express was founded in Buffalo, New York, in 1850. That makes them 163 years old.

Amex started off as an express mail service, and didn’t get into various areas of financial services until 1882. At that time they started a money order service, and in 1891 they expanded to traveler’s checks. The expansion to traveler’s checks was a solution to a problem the president at the time, J. C. Fargo, had when he took a trip to Europe and found that he couldn’t get cash anywhere other than the large cities. So they launched their traveler’s checks in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100.

In 1957 they got into the card business. [1] And as of today they offer credit/charge cards for personal use, small businesses and corporate entities. They also have prepaid cards.

American Express is the 22nd most valuable brand in the world with a net worth of $14.97 billion.

American Express Facts

Here are some interesting facts about American Express.

==> American Express is the (world’s) largest card issuer by purchase volume. [3]

==> American Express’ stock price is currently 75.39 (July 2013). For the last several months professionals have recommending holding on to their stock (as opposed to buying or selling). [4]

==> 54% of American smartphone users trust American Express for making payments from their mobile device. Compare this to only 34% of standard phone owners. [5]

==> American Express has maintained a stable / approximate 15% market share (compared to Visa, MasterCard and Discover) every year since 2007. [6]

==> The American Express Community Stadium is the home of the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. The stadium was started in December of 2008, and took 912 days to build. It cost more than 66 million (pounds) to build.