Poker Compatibility - Mac / Mobile / PC / Linux

Over the last couple of years, more and more operating systems, platforms and devices have been introduced. You have the Mac computer, the smartphone and tablet, then the Android operating system, and whatever else these guys have come up with.

This creates more work for poker sites, as they have no choice but to react to the newest trends or leave their customers (and potentially millions or billions of dollars) out in the cold. A couple of years ago they were reacting to Mac and Linux operating systems, trying to create downloads or alternative solutions for them to play online. Now they’re reacting to the mobile craze, which is only continuing to increase in popularity exponentially. Who knows where we’ll be in a couple of years --- maybe virtual reality type poker games?!

In the meantime we’ll have to make due with what few options we have.

I’m joking. There are plenty of options for how to play poker. It doesn’t matter if you want to play from home, without downloading software from the drivers seat of your Cadillac**, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find an option that works for you. You can get started by reading through guide to poker site compatibility below.

** We don’t recommend using your phone or playing games while driving. That’s dangerous. You can hurt someone. Tilting might induce road rage, too.

Desktop and Laptop Poker Compatibility

Here is a list of all the options you have for playing from your desktop or laptop computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, you’ll find an option below that enables you to play real money poker online.

Windows Poker Sites - – Every poker site develops software for Windows operating systems. Every. Single. One.


The software is (commonly) in the form of a download. However, Windows users have the added benefit of being able to play in no download, Java, Flash and Linux poker sites, too.

And in addition to the poker site’s software, all 3rd party software including hand trackers, odd calculators and hotkey programs are developed for Windows first, and in some cases, only for Windows.

No Download Poker Sites – - The difference here is obvious right. Unlike poker sites for Windows, these poker sites require no download. That means you don’t have to download heavy software to your computer, taking up your memory and other resources. You also have the added benefit of not being strapped to one computer. You can play from any computer so long as you have internet access and a browser. This option is great for players that travel frequently.

Mac Poker Sites –- For the longest time Mac users had to resort to other tactics to play poker online. Things like emulators and dual boot setups. This only put a larger load on the computer, which could (and did) end up in the software lagging or freezing. I wonder how many dollars were lost because Mac players didn’t have the right software? Well, anyway, that’s a problem of the past. Nearly every poker site offers a Mac download, and in some cases, a Flash or Java casino. Our guide for Mac players covers every option so you’re never without a game of holdem.

Java Poker Sites - – If you have Java downloaded to your computer (which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems) you can play at Java poker sites. Java is not as common as Flash for poker or casinos, which is likely due to performance issues on some browsers and operating systems, and for being known the for occasional security hole. However, if you prefer Java over Flash, our guide will show you the best poker sites to join and how to get started.

Flash Poker Sites - – Flash comes from Adobe and is the most common software used for no download casinos. It’s designed specifically for graphics, animations and 3D rendering. All things that we like about our poker games. It’s arguably a better platform for games, too, and is installed on more computers. If it’s not on yours, it’s free to download. Our guide will show how, as well as where to go for the top Flash poker sites.

Linux Poker Sites – Linux poker players have always gotten the short end of the stick. Like Mac players used to do, Linux users have to resort to other options like dual booting or emulator setups. Of course, they can always play at a no download, Java or Flash casino if they prefer. Which option is the best, how to get started and what casinos should you sign up to? We answer all of those questions here.

Mobile Poker Compatibility

Mobile is hard to miss. It’s everywhere. In fact, I’d bet that you’ve noticed that many of your favorite poker and casino sites have added mobile apps and games to their line ups. There are several reasons for this. Let me give you a few.

  • The mobile gaming industry generated $12 billion in 2011. [1]
  • It was estimated on that the new generation of consoles will sell 32 percent less than the last generation, thanks to mobile phone and tablet gaming. [2]
  • Android users spend over 9 hours per month playing on their smartphones. [3]
  • More than 5 million games are downloaded by iOS users in America every day. [4]

I think you get the idea. Mobile gaming is huge, has been huge, is only going to get bigger, and is now finally starting to pick up traction in the online gambling industry.

What you’ll find now is that online poker sites are starting out slow, some creating native apps whiles others sticking to HTML5. Some are only developing for one device, such as the iOS or Android, while others focus on both, leaving Blackberry and Windows users out in the cold. And most just stick to holdem real money games with tournaments sprinkled in here and there.

But the bottom line is that it’s growing. And if you play poker more for entertainment than profit (because it would be hard to play poker for a living from an iPhone), then I recommend checking out our mobile section and finding a poker site for your preferred device. Don’t be the last one to get on this mobile craze.